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"Thugs, Punks, and Anarchists" welcome you to the G8!

To get a grip on what we are about, and to learn how to use Ewok tactics to wreak havoc at the 2002 G8 summit in Kananaskis, check out the DIST whitepaper

The DIST Intelligence Committee of Kananaskis (DICK) have a number of interesting documents, intelligence briefs and ops plans to help you in planning actions.

Our direct action will be coordinated with ACK, so you might want to contact them at ack @ struggle.ca or check out their web page.

We suggest that affinity groups and individuals arrive early in order for direct action to be effective. This is also important from the point of view of creating links between various activists and local struggles. We believe that these gatherings ought to be more about skill sharing and creating a global network, than about travelling out to a distant protest.

Update: solidarity village has had their camp site blocked (the Feds have been meeting with landowners who expressed interest in loaning their land for camping, and it appears that the Prime Minister's Office is once again attempting to crush dissent). We have learned that the police have also been "visiting" potential renters of space, and intimidating them into canceling agreements with activists. The police have even suggested that people who loan space to activists will receive bomb threats. Finally, the mayor and the City of Calgary have refused activists any public space. The mayor claims that public parks are not for political activities (although he didn't have any problems kicking off his election campaign in one of them).

Alternative housing is being arranged, but activists might want to bring lots of camping equipment. We are advising that activists camp on the Kananaskis golf course, or the front lawn of the mayor's residence. Stick it to the man!

If your affinity group or cluster will be using ewok tactics, feel free to let us know...or not. Large ewok clusters may find it safer when coordinating actions.

Our basis of unity is: "Maximum disruption combined with maximum cuddliness."

We welcome all ewoks and other lifeforms, regardless of planet of origin, reproduction methods, or molecular structure.

To receive general g8 announcements, or participate in planning lists, subscribe here.

If you would like to receive updates from us, email wrench @ tao.ca with the subject "me want updates".

If you are located in central Canada, and are not coming to Kananaskis, consider partipating in Take the Capital

A web page for general organizing against the G8 in Kananaskis is here.

Those planning to partipate can join in on a discussion of ewok tactics on this discussion board.

May the Force be with you

For more information, email wrench @ tao.ca