The Deconstructionist Institute for Surreal Topology

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The Deconstructionist Institute for Surreal Topology specializes in Revolutionary Studies, and the advancement of Applied Autonomy. We fund the work of a number of academics who study topics ranging from the effect of Disneyfication on inner city neighborhoods, to Coca-Colonization in post-industrial civilizations. We currently fund a number of projects, including the The Edible Ballot Society, Bad Press, and the Ministry of the Environment (MOE). People mostly know of us because of our Teddy bear launching catapult which was used to lay siege to the FTAA Summit. We are currently looking for corporate sponsorship, so please contact us if you wish to fund any of our worthwhile projects.

The Edible Ballot Society

Don't vote, it only encourages them! The E.B.S. is suggesting that people eat their ballots. Their chefs have developed delicious recipes. Check out great dishes such as The Ballot Burger, with a side order of Campaign Literature.


Find out about such delights as our teddy bear launching catapult in our news section.

Updates: The G8 Summit is almost here. Check out our Guide to Blockades and the People's Golfing Association. Don't vote it only encourages them! pregnant chad dimple hanging chad dimpled chad Florida Recount: Eat your ballot! Bush Gore Sux votamatic punch card voting machine: Sell your vote! Anarchism anarchy

Bad Press

Our publishing wing was founded in 1997, following the APEC Summit in Vancouscous. We value submissions of all sorts, whether for a general or academic audience.

Our award-winning pamphlet "Permanent Revolution" is available here! It was originally published during the FTA in Quebec City and features our famous list of slogans and graffitos.

For more information, email wrench @